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"Rachel is an amplifier - whatever you put in,
she will return 2x"
- Salvador V.


JULY 2024 - dates*

Opening Session / Session 1 - July 22
Session 2 - w/c July 29
Session 3 - w/c August 5
Session 4 - w/c August 12
Session 5 - w/c August 19
*two week break*
Session 6 - w/c September 9
Session 7 - w/c September 16
Session 8 - w/c September 23
Session 9 - w/c September 30
*one week break*
Session 10 - w/c October 14
Session 11 - w/c October 21
Closing Ceremony / Session 12 - w/c October 28


*Exact session times during the week will be determined by the participants before the program kicks off (via survey) and everyone will find a time that is suitable for their schedule!



(~4 WEEKS)

Here is where it pays to learn from someone who has helped dozens of people figure out their next move in a way that is authentic to them. In this phase, we are going to systematically take stock of who you are, what you have done, who you have become and how all of this plays into where you want to go next. We will go through your past to uncover what is relevant today and flirt with your vision for the future while building clarity and momentum for this process. We will go deep to mindfully understand this, as this will form the basis of our narrative going forward. HIGHLIGHTS - Understand your values and the role they play in your life - Reflect on your past experiences & learnings in a new way that will highlight what is important and relevant in moving forward - Reflect on what you liked/didn't like in your past roles - Dive into what brings you passion, joy and fulfillment - Assess your skills, stengths and talents (and understand the difference) - Draft a vision for future you

(~3 WEEKS)

In this phase, we will identify how you feel about different priorities, “rules” and beliefs that you hold. We will dive into sticky subjects like money, success, and your mental and emotional fears that are limiting your clarity and vision. You will be challenged to ask yourself hard questions and solidify your honest answers to them. HIGHLIGHTS - Determine your priorities and how they interplay with each other. Know when they changed for you and how they may need to change in the future. - Identify the “rules” that you are following and decide if you want to keep following them - Redefine your relationship with the fears that are stopping you from having clarity and making moves - Engage in a REAL conversation about money Figure out how you feel about it. Head on. Nothing held back. Gosh - the world needs this one - Learn critical mindset shifts to help you change your perception of yourself and the idea of figuring out what’s next

(~3 WEEKS)

Finally, we will take everything that we have done to this point and weave it all together to form a dynamic narrative that will help you start talking and sharing with others to create opportunities for connection and inspiration. We will take your reflections and enhanced self awareness and learn how to showcase them in discussions with others. You will build a strategy to take action and engage with your existing network and/or expand it to help you figure out what you want to do next. HIGHLIGHTS - Bring your narrative & story together flexibly. Ditch the elevator pitch and learn how to talk about yourself and authentically change that story depending on whom you are connecting with and what you are trying to accomplish - Build confidence and excitement in approaching people even when you don’t know what you want to do - Create a strategic plan for outreach and networking. - Learn what you are ACTUALLY asking of your community and network when you are exploring what's next - Change how you let other people’s opinions influence you - Identify what makes people want to help you and inspire them to take action - Fearlessly field questions from others even when you “aren't sure"

Notes from people during the program

BUT, Rachel, I Want some one-on-one coaching!
Yes you do, you unique star, YOU ... Join

You Are The North Star+ is a program for those who want some 1x1 coaching time with me. You will have three 1x1 coaching sessions throughout or after the program as well as a personal line of communication for 1x1 voice-note and text coaching throughout the group program.


This is for you if you know that you want a more personalized experience due to the nuance of your situation or if you want additional access to coaching ($1,350 in value). For reference, I do not offer 1x1 coaching packages smaller than 6 months at the moment - so this is a pretty sweet set up!

Delia Williams-Falokun

"Rachel coached me through a really challenging time in my career. With her help, I was able to turn what felt like herculean tasks into growth opportunities. Rachel does a brilliant job of turning conversations during YATNS+ one-to-one sessions into actionable steps to help you further your career and overcome professional obstacles. Our sessions were a worthwhile investment and I'd definitely recommend working with her.”






Reach out to Rachel to learn more!



Please reach out to discuss payment plan options for YATNS+


💸 Please reach out if you have financial circumstances that limit your ability to participate in the program at its existing price. I have access to sponsors & have a scholarship program to create accessible options for select circumstances (

👯‍♀️ Bring a friend & get a discount. Reach out to me for more details (

The Stars


I whole heartedly believe that what I am offering will 👏change👏your👏life. I believe it so much that if after the first four weeks, you feel that this program is not for you, I will issue a full refund. In order to be eligible for this, you will have had to completed and shown proof of all three of the following:

  • attended and participated in the first 4 group coaching programs

  • actively engaged in your accountability pod (via text and/or meet ups) each week

  • completed all of the exercise, workbooks and actions between sessions

If it is still not for you after that - you’ve got an out. But I don’t think you’ll need it!



“You will feel supported and understood, you will be challenged in all the right ways, you will discover new and wonderful things about yourself, and with a new perspective you will evolve into a more confident and self-accepting you.”



Will I know what I want to do next by the end of this course?

Maybe! I cannot guarantee that result because everyone is different. You will have a game plan of how to figure this out beyond the program if you do not uncover the answers during the program.

How much time should I plan to commit to this work?

You should plan for 2-3 hours each week. This includes the group sessions, doing the individual work and connecting with your accountability pods (via video or group chat).

What if I can’t join some of the group sessions?

It happens! The sessions will be recorded (and only shared with your cohort). However, we ask that people commit to attending a minimum of 9 sessions live in order to participate given the community dynamic of the program.

What if I have done some of this kind of work or have worked with a coach before?

Great! You will be able to leverage that work by using it as a baseline. AND you are different today than you were when you initially did it. We will reconcile what has changed (if anything) and allow the depth of the discussions to add to your understanding. Also…you’ve never done this with me 😉

Will I have access to Rachel throughout the course?

Yes, there will be a community page that I will be monitoring and responding to. If you are in the YATNS+ program, you will have access to me via text and voicenote for on the spot coaching throughout the full program.

Why are you doing this as a group coaching program?

We are each other’s best resources. When trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives, there is a huge element of personal reflection and soul searching that is non-negotiable (hello work between sessions). Personal reflection, paired with real life examples from others of different vantage points, paths and goals will help you solidify your understanding of yourself and what you want. There is not a formula that will help you figure out what you want to do with your life. But there are reference points all around you. This group will hold up that mirror and help you create clarity.

Is there an option for in-person?

I am based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC) and can offer 1x1 coaching sessions for You Are The North Star+ participants in person. Depending on participant locations, we can create an in-person cohort. Please let me know if that would be of interest to you!

Tell me about your career moves, Rachel!

I started my career at Morgan Stanley in New York and London. During my time there, I worked in Leveraged Finance origination, Leveraged Finance syndicate, in the COO office of Global Capital Markets and Real Estate M&A IBD. At Google (in London), I was the Lead of the EMEA Strategic Real Estate Portfolio Planning team where I started and built a team that helped build strategies for Google's real estate portfolio. During that time, I trained to become a coach at iPEC for 10 months and got my PCP and ELI-MP certifications. I then started my coaching practice while working at Google & took on a 40% role (two days a week) with Google Cloud to help them with their culture & DEI initiatives. Finally, in 2021, I resigned to run my coaching business full-time - and here I am!

I am worried about the time commitment each week and am not sure I have time. 

Figuring out what you want to do with your life/career takes time and effort. You ALWAYS have the time, you just may not be prioritizing it. I have distilled the program down to be bite-sized and easily integrated into your day-to-day. My clients are busy, high-performing people who always have a lot going on and I will honor that dynamic. I will also push you to question what you are prioritizing over this right now and what that may be costing you. Reach out if you want help thinking through this together. 

I need to spread out the payments. Is that possible?

Yes! Reach out to Rachel for more details. 

The timing does not work for me, when are you running the next cohort?

To be finalized but most likely late January 2025!

What are the program dates?

Scroll up!

Not sure if you are ready to start exploring?



HAVE ANY QUESTIONS? Want to connect?

Reach out to Rachel!

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